How To Date A Cattaraugus Knife

How To Date A Cattaraugus Knife? – 3 Methods In 2023

If you’re a collector of antique knives, you may have encountered a Cattaraugus knife. These blades were famous for their high-quality steel and craftsmanship from the late 1800s to the mid-1900s.

On the other hand, identifying the age and value of a Cattaraugus knife can be difficult, particularly if you’re new to collecting. 

To date a Cattaraugus knife, look for tang stamps, and read the catalogs; you can contact knife-collecting groups or forums to seek assistance from experienced collectors. 

In this post, we’ll walk you through the steps you need to take to accurately date your Cattaraugus knife.

Main Methods To Date The Cattaraugus Knives:

Dating these knives can be challenging, but understanding their value and history is essential. Fortunately, there are several techniques you can use to date Cattaraugus knives with relative accuracy.

Let’s discuss each method:

Buy Reference Books And Guides:

Main methods to date Cattaraugus knives include Buying reference books and guides that provide detailed information on the company’s production dates and patterns. 

These books hold valuable knowledge about the brand’s history and evolution. Numerous books and guides are accessible that discuss Cattaraugus knives and their history. These resources can help you recognize particular models, styles, and periods when knives were made.

  • Mike Silvey’s Cattaraugus Cutlery: An American Legend.
  • Lavona A. Ferguson’s Romance of Collecting (1978).
  • Robert Paolantonio’s Cattaraugus Cutlery Company Catalogs.

Read The Catalogs:

Examining the company’s catalogs is another method to determine the age of Cattaraugus knives. Cattaraugus catalogs were produced from the late 1800s until the company collapsed in the mid-1960s.

Main Methods To Date The Cattaraugus Knives:
Source: homesteadauthority

These catalogs contain much information about the company’s knives, such as models, features, and prices. 

Collectors can learn when specific knives were first introduced and which ones were available during specific times by studying catalogs and their contents. 

Because not all catalogs are available, collectors should obtain copies of as many catalogs as feasible to create a reasonable timeline.

Go To Expert Knife Collectors:

Another method for determining the age of Cattaraugus knives is to speak with expert knife collectors.

These collectors frequently have extensive knowledge and experience with antique knives and can provide helpful information about the age, rarity, and Worth of Cattaraugus knives. 

Go To Expert Knife Collectors:
Source: milsurps

They may also have access to resources such as reference books, catalogs, and other historical documents that can assist in determining the age of a specific knife. 

Knife collectors can be online in knife forums, social media groups, or local knife clubs and events.

While expert collectors can provide valuable information, it is always best to research and verify any information before purchasing or drawing inferences about a knife’s age or authenticity. 

By consulting with these experts, it is possible to accurately date Cattaraugus knives and better grasp their place in the history of knife-making in the United States. 

Collectors may also be able to advise on how to correctly care for and maintain these knives, ensuring their longevity and value as important cultural artifacts.

What Company Made Cattaraugus Knives?

Cattaraugus Cutlery Company, established in 1882 by John Champlin and Tintype John, was a well-known manufacturer of high-quality knives. 

What Company Made Cattaraugus Knives?
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The company, based in Little Valley, New York, produced a broad range of Hunting, fishing, and military knives renowned for their durability, Sharpness, and functionality. 

During WWII, Cattaraugus Cutlery Company made many knives for the United States military, including the well-known Mark 2 Combat Knife

Following the war, the firm struggled to adapt to changing market circumstances and increased competition from overseas manufacturers, ultimately going out of business in the 1960s.

Cattaraugus knives are highly prized by collectors today for their historical importance and craftsmanship. 

Many collectors regard Cattaraugus knives as among the best American-made knives of their period, and they remain an essential part of American knife-making history.


Q: Why is it important to date a Cattaraugus Knife?

A Cattaraugus knife’s age and worth can be determined by dating it and providing historical context for the piece. Collectors frequently pursue particular models or periods, so knowing the age of your knife can be helpful when buying, selling, or trading.

Q: Can I determine the exact year my Cattaraugus knife was made?

Due to restricted records and variations in production, dating Cattaraugus knives can be rugged. Examining the tang stamp, handle materials, and blade design, and comparing them to catalogs, on the other hand, can often narrow the manufacturing date to a specific decade or period.

Q: How can I determine the value of my Cattaraugus knife?

A Cattaraugus Knife’s Worth is determined by age, rarity, condition, and collector desirability. You can determine the worth of your knife by consulting a price guide, seeking advice from knowledgeable collectors, or browsing online auction sites.


Dating a Cattaraugus knife can be tricky due to its lack of identifying marks on many early models, but with careful research into catalogs from different eras or consulting expert collectors, you can gain insight into when your knife was made or who manufactured it.

With its timeless design and quality craftsmanship, it’s no wonder these classic knives continue to captivate collectors worldwide!

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