How To Date A Schrade Knife

How To Date A Schrade Knife? – Main Ways In 2023

Schrade knives have been around for over 100 years and are well-known for their durability and quality.

Dating a Schrade knife can be a fun and exciting adventure, especially for collectors or enthusiasts of these timeless pieces. 

However, determining the age of a Schrade knife can be difficult, particularly for those unfamiliar with the world of antique knives.

How To Date A Schrade Knife? The easiest way to date a Schrade knife is by checking the tang stamp.

Challenges Dating Schrade Knives

Dating Schrade knives can present many challenges due to the company’s complex history. Schrade has undergone multiple ownership changes throughout the years, making it difficult to accurately Date A Knife based on its markings or design. 

Challenges Dating Schrade Knives
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Additionally, Schrade knives were often produced with interchangeable parts, meaning a knife could have a blade made in one year and a handle made in another. 

This makes pinpointing the exact year of production nearly impossible without extensive research and knowledge of Schrade’s manufacturing practices. 

Furthermore, Schrade produced knives with various serial number systems and even used multiple systems simultaneously, adding another layer of complexity to dating their knives. 

Despite these challenges, many collectors and enthusiasts continue to search for accurate ways to date Schrade knives and add them to their collections.

Ways To Date A Schrade Knife:

There are a few ways to date a Schrade knife, which can be helpful for collectors or those looking to sell or purchase a particular model. 

Let’s discuss each way:

Check The Tang Stamp:

One of the easiest ways to date a Schrade knife is by checking the tang stamp. This identification mark is stamped onto the tang, part of the blade extending into the handle.

The tang stamp can identify the year of manufacture, the model number, and other details about the knife.

Reading Reviews:

Another way to do this is by reading reviews and seeking input from other knife enthusiasts. Here are some tips on how to use reviews to help date your Schrade knife:

Ways To Date A Schrade Knife
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Online forums and communities: Online, there are many knife enthusiast forums and communities where you can find conversations, reviews, and opinions about Schrade knives.,, and are a few examples. These platforms frequently have Schrade knife threads where you can post pictures and ask for assistance dating your knife.

YouTube channels: Many knife enthusiasts on YouTube review and debate different knives, including Schrade models. Viewing these videos lets you learn about particular models, their production years, and any distinguishing features that can help you date your knife.

Consult An Expert:

One of the best ways to date a Schrade knife is to consult an expert. There are many experts in the knife world, including knife collectors, knife makers, and knife historians. 

Consult An Expert
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These experts can provide valuable information about your Schrade knife’s history, production dates, and value. 

They have extensive knowledge of different types of knives and can help you identify the specific model and year of production. 

You can find these experts through knife forums and online communities. Many experts are willing to share their knowledge and offer free advice to knife enthusiasts. 

With their help, you can learn more about the history of your Schrade knife and ensure that it is accurately dated for future reference.


Q: How should I care for my Schrade knife?

To prolong the life of your Schrade knife, keep it Clean and dry, routinely oil the blade and moving parts, Sharpen it as required, and store it in a safe and secure location when not in use.

Q: Why would I want to date my Schrade knife?

By dating, you can ascertain your Schrade knife’s age, rarity, and value. This information is helpful if you are a collector or are interested in the history of the knife.

Q: Are modern Schrade knives good quality?

Yes, modern Schrade knives are constructed of high-quality materials and feature cutting-edge designs. These versions include safety features like locking mechanisms to prevent unintentional blade releases.

Final Thoughts:

In final thoughts, dating Schrade knives can be complicated and challenging. However, by using a combination of different ways, such as examining the tang stamps or consulting an expert, it is possible to pinpoint the age and origin of a Schrade knife.

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